Monday, February 22, 2010

BLACK JAPAN - now open

The Black Japan yarn club is now open!

Once again, there will be three packages:

Along the lines of the simplicity and elegance (and cuteness!) of Japanese design, these colours will be more semi-solid, and more understated than the intense colours of the previous club. But the goodies will be a riot!

Package 1 - mailing early April '10
A 100g skein of the wondrous fiftyfifty, plus bonus goodies.

Package 2 - mailing early May '10
A 115g skein of gorgeous squishy merino sock yarn - a completely new base - you're going to love it, plus bonus goodies.

Package 3 - mailing first week of June '10
A 100g skein of 100% silk laceweight 2 ply yarn, plus bonus goodies.

* There will be 2 exclusive patterns included - one for socks and one shawl - they will be emailed during the period co-inciding with the yarn for which they were designed.

* All exclusive colourways inspired by the colours of Japan - paring it down to simple classics, with an emphasis on quality of design and super cuteness.

* $90 USD

* Postage in AUS included, overseas postage is an additional $25

Will remain open until fully subscribed, limited to 40 places.

Having learned so much from my last club, I can't wait to do it all again - hope to see you there.

Click here to sign up.


2paw said...

One day when you have a 'Green'land or an 'Emerald' City sock club, I will join. I am sure you will be subscribed to the hilt immediately. Your wool is always beautiful!!

Jan said...

Have subscribed a few minutes ago. Also linked on my blog.

Ann said...

I am in as I enjoyed the Bollywood Club so much. You have done a great job & I can't wait for the 1st package of Black Japan.