Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As an actress, she makes a good knitter

I did the weirdest thing today.

I went for a screen test at Fox Studios for an upcoming TV commercial where they needed knitters aged between 30 and 50. I heard about it through the Knitter's Guild.

Now if I had have heard they were having screen tests for regular people aged between 30 and 50 I would never have gone because, well, I've never had any aspirations to be a tv extra. But, when I heard about the 'knitters' between 30 and 50 - I felt bouyed by the definition. I may not be an 'actress', but I certainly am a 'knitter'.

The guy on the phone said all I'd have to do is sit down and knit in front of a camera, and there would be no acting involved.

The guy on the phone lied.

I can honestly tell you with my hand on my heart that I completely sucked. I am cringing even thinking about it.

The saving factor of the day was that afterwards I had a lovely coffee afterwards with Donna, Em ahd Tia (whom I heard did very well in there). And Reecie - you looked super hot and were really good, I think you'll get the gig.


Rose Red said...

I'm so glad you guys did this!! I thought about it, but figured they probably aren't looking for a heavily pregnant person for an airline ad!!

Can't wait to see who they choose!

Anonymous said...

good on for you going. cant wait to see what comes of it!!

Anonymous said...

oh that's just so brave of you! Well done. I think even if you did suck as badly as you say (unlikely) what an experience to have!! Good on you!

Ann said...

I am sure you did well. Anyway, it must be a good experience.

Leeanne said...

Your a star knitter so you dont need to be a tv star. I think you're brave for just going and giving it a try.

M-H said...

I wondered that you guys have been up to. I was far too old, of course! But good on you all for having a go.

Yarna said...

Good on you all for having a go. Hope the Knitabulous logo was very prominent. Like M-H I am far too old so I can only conclude that if I am too old for their ads then presumably I am too old to fly on their planes!