Friday, April 9, 2010

Sorry I'm late - it was ravelry's fault.

1. Got a great price on some tweed yarn from Paradise Fibers - bought from a click on the 'get this yarn from' ad on ravelry.

2. Found and bought the perfect pattern on Ravelry - bought from a click on a 'pdf for sale' link on the pattern page.

3. Found an amazing modification done by Roko's through the projects search, clicked through to her blog, and instantly found another blog to love.

4. Amazing modification adds so much more knitting to this cardigan, and I knit so much on it that I flared up my CTS in my right wrist. Found some really helpful advice on the ravelry forums which directly relates to me, I've noticed before that I curl my wrists when I sleep.

5. Looking for a distraction, discovered the definition of cute in these little baby merry janes on ravelry. Bought pattern directly through ravelry.

6. All patterns now permanently available in my ravelry library. Computer crash? No problem!

7. Got an iphone app that transfers the pdf's from my ravelry library to my iphone. How freaking great is that!?

And knitted these as a distraction. Aren't they just completely adorable? So, do you know anyone having a baby soon? ;-)


GeneticsGirl said...

I have a baby now (5 months) - she'd love them ;)

Janette said...

Love the Summer Solstice.

Rose Red is having a baby soon ;)

Bells said...

i must get that app! Thanks for that.

Great shoes!

drkknits said...

rhetorical question, much? they are gorgeous and will look great on a little teddy blair :) and please bring the solstice with you because i am also being tempted by the evil internet yarn gods and a certain sale and a certain silky wool, for that pattern. keen to hear about your mobs. bummer about the CTS tho. but thank god for rav!

Rose Red said...


Ravelry Rocks, doesn't it! What'd we do without it!!

(me, I'd probably get a lot more knitting done. But it'd be much less inspired!)

2paw said...

It is the whole 'what did we do before we had the internet?" or in my case 'what did I do before The Labradors??" That's a lovely cardigan and you are very clever with the whole modification thing.
Such cute booties!!!!

Ruby Girl said...

Ravelry will do that to you most times, good distraction though don't you think. Those are so, so cute, anyone who gets those will be just so lucky and look just gorgeous in them.

Ann said...

The cardigan looks great & I love the grey. Ravelry can be very addictive & I need it every day.

Jan said...

That grey is stunning and goes so well with the design.

I see others have beaten me to mention little Teddy arriving soon.

Computer crash? If you use an Apple, buy a big external hard drive and use Time Machine. Once set up and running, it backs up everything on computer several times a day. When disk is full it starts all over again from the beginning. Those who've had to use the backup say it's wonderful. All goes smoothly and you can choose date and time of the backup you want to restore. Everything on computer, system, settings, files etc is backed up constantly. Hopefully I'll never need it. My previous Apple had nothing go wrong in the 5 years I had it and it wasn't new when i got it.

500 gig disk was under $100. Small price for years of peace of mind.

Kristen said...

Love your cardi and the baby shoes. Hehe ravelry certainly is a great distraction:)