Sunday, March 14, 2010

If you gots the poison I gots the remedy

Last week our family went to Port Macquarie for a little rnr.

And while I was away, I finished knitting Sage Remedy.

I wasn't sure about this project for most of the time I was knitting it. The pattern instructions were a little staccato for my liking (all 'next row do this, next row do that, next row do this again') - and there are no measurements in the pattern, each row was counted. Row gauge is therefore critical, and I thought my gauge might have been a little smaller - even though it measured very close.

I did the back first, and then the front. But when I finished the front, I had to go back and re-do the back from the armholes because it did not match the front properly - totally my mistake.

I also got a little confused with the armhole. It's not like any armhole I've seen before, and there were no explanations in the pattern. I wasn't sure I had done it correctly up until the time I was actually seaming the shoulder - which I had to do twice also.

But in the end it was a case of trusting the pattern and not overthinking it, because it made a little gusset under the armpit that gives a little width to the armhole withouth adding unnecessary and unflattering depth and is very cool.

I finished the seaming at the Inner City Knitter's Guild meeting and on the train on the way back with Kylie. I was lucky enough to see an AMAZING presentation by Jenny Chiatto from the Powerhouse Lace Room (and guild member) complete with samples of all kind of lace dating right back to the 1800's. I might make a separate post about it because it was such a pleasant suprise and a real treat!

But now I'm wading through the inevitable pile of washing - the sting in the tail of a relaxing week away.


Anonymous said...

ooh that's lovely. Fascinated by the gusset idea, I am. Must go check rav. I think you;ve done a lovely job!

LynS said...

I've loved this pattern ever since I saw MissFee's. I am going to make it - VERY SOON - for my daughter, though I can't imagine finishing it in a week! However, it's good to know I have two such competent 'go to' people if I get into trouble with what you have both warned are not the best instructions.

Looks wonderful. Love the colour.

2paw said...

It is lovely, all flowy and romantic!! Good luck with the washing.

RosalĂ­a said...

It's an elegant pattern. Lovely grey.
I like it.

Ann said...

Looks great & I love the colors.

Rose Red said...

I really like this pattern, it looks great - hope you will gets lots of wear out of it!!

DrK said...

i cant believe you seamed it on the train! it is going to be stunning on this winter. well done!

Leeanne said...

Who cares about the washing when you could be creating something as lovely as Sage Remedy.