Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Textureweight Hybrid Cardigan

In the spirit of Masterchef, I performed a little invention test.

My friend DrK recently made a gorgeous clapotis from Malabrigo Silky Merino. When I saw it, I remembered a had a few skeins of it stashed, and I began to wonder what I might do with it.

So I turned to ravelry to look at shawls. Most popular shawl, with a heart rating of 4,643 was made by 83 people in silky merino and they all look good. So that was the starting point.

I'm still suffering from a bit of cardigan fever from autumn, and I'm still not over my love for the top down raglan cardigan.

So I did this:

Cast on for the smallest size of the featherweight cardigan.
Knit a few rows stocking stitch from the pattern.
Switched to the textured stitch pattern from the shawl (enter challenge 1) and kept that going through the increases to the split for the underarms. I tried it on to determine when to stop increasing, the pattern abandoned completely by this stage.

Continued in stocking stitch until it was long enough, finished in a few rows of the textured pattern again.

Picked up all around the collar and fronts in one piece, knit two bands and a collar using short rows and the textured stitch. The front bands are twice as wide as the back collar (enter challenge 2).

Went back and finished the sleeves with the remaining yarn.

Sewed on a little wooden heart button for a simple embellishment (embellishment. something I need to explore further I think, as I think embellishment is very underused in my knitting).

The result?

See for yourself!

Cute button.

Increases worked well incorporating the stitch pattern - I had to think about this as I was doing it.

Short rows even disappeared into the textured stitch pattern (I had to think about this also)

And it even fits!

Not all invention tests are a success of course, but this time I think it's a cracker of a dish! I'm calling it the textureweight cardigan recipe.


Vintage Grrl said...

LOVE it! The stitch pattern is stunning!

I cast on an "invent your own cardi" recently.. didn't think to use the smaller size in the featherweight though.. just cast on and went for it..

Rose Red said...

Nicely done! It's a great stitch pattern, that one, really well incorporated into the cardi.

Through to the next round, you are!

Kris said...

Love it. LOVE IT. You are making me want a little cardi too!

Sue said...

It looks gorgeous! I think you win the immunity pin now, lol! What a gorgeous gorgeous knit!!

Sheridan said...

yeah baby! nice work!

Ruby Girl said...

It looks great, love the colour and pattern. Looks very cuddly and soft.

Maria said...

A very pretty cardigan and it looks even better on you than on the dummy

Anonymous said...

ah silky wool. so lovely on the skin. so soft. so gentle. and then so bloody pilly. but wear it anyway, cos its gawjus!!

Rebecca said...

ooohh i like it!

Ann said...

It's gorgeous & I love the textured stitch. You have invented a lovely cardigan.