Sunday, July 4, 2010

Knitting it up in time for Bendigo

In about ten days time I'll be heading off to Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show with my friend Donna from Randomknits. We're really looking forward to getting together with friends for a few days of rnr, knitting, drinking and eating and absorbing the energy that is so invigorating at these kinds of events.

(Note: 'absorbing the energy' is euphemism for 'shopping a lot')

Since finishing the textureweight cardigan, I've been loathe to start another big project, although I've been looking at colour schemes and motif designs for the fair isle project I mentioned a few posts ago.

Being a project monogomist, I don't want to take a big project with me on my trip away. With all that travelling from place to place, coffee here, dinner there, drinks in the afternoon (here's hoping!) and so on, I'll need a little discreet mindless project that can fit in my bag. The kind you can stop and start whenever, without having to worry about making a mistake. Plain socks will be ideal, and if I play my cards right I may be able to finish one on the trip like I did last time, and they can be their own little memento of the trip.

So I've been shopping the stash and trying to get some little warm things that I can wear before I go.

The first is an ishbel beret, which I made with a single skein of Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette - a simply gorgeous yarn and a simply gorgeous pattern (once I worked out what not to do, we got along fine).

I am working on one more project, which I really hope I'll get done in time, but in truth I think I'll be pushing it. They're Miss Sophie's Hands, which I'm doing in zephyr laceweight held double. They're ambitious, but aren't they great?!

Picture from Yasmin and Winged


Bells said...

i'm entirely in the same headspace as you. All I can think of knitting down there is a pair of plain socks, which no doubt I'll cast on this week. But I think I need a hat!!

Rose Red said...

Hats are most definitely a Good Idea for Bendi - and those gloves are amazing!

Ann said...

Great hat & I think you will also need the gloves. I have just knitted a pair of fingerless mittens as I am also going to Bendigo. Hope to see you there.

Ruby Girl said...

Nice hat and the gloves will be lovely. How are they going, you must be nearly finished them by now. Have a great time in Bendigo.

Corrie said...

absorbing the energy! I'm going to use that next time I'm heading down to the mall- love that line!

have fun, sounds like you'll have a ball!


catsmum said...

I'm so cross that i didn't get a pic of those gloves... now please remind me for blogging purposes ] what the shawlette you were wearing was ?