Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stitch a sheep at Stitch London

Last night I got together with Katie and Sarah (erstwhile Wollongong snb buddies) for a drink and a knit at Stitch London. And boy did we stumble upon the right night to go! It was great to see Katie and Sarah, they're clearly loving their London life ..

It co-incided with a book launch! A comic book launch no less. By a very lovely and talented illustrator and writer, Sarah McIntyre.

So there was free champagne! and cupcakes! And a competition to knit a sheep with the materials on the table, which we all entered. I must make a notable mention to Don, the website builder, who sat across from me. Each table had a 'designated teacher' attached to it, but ours was occupied so I kind of stepped in. Under some rudimentary tutelage, Don not only got the hang of it, he fashioned himself a very charming little blue sheep. He told me he had a Masters in Graphic Arts. I told him that was the minimum requirement to learn to knit.

I made a sheep too - I cut a t-shirt remnant that was on the table up and used it for yarn. For the face I used a snip of a brown and camel chevron knitted fabric, and for the legs I used the twiglets from the nibblies bowl.

I named him Wandsworth (after the bridge over the Thames) and he won a prize! Best coiffured sheep. And he's had a minor mention on Sarah McIntyre's blog today.

A great night, and many thanks to Katie for the picture from the phone.

We met up with Alan's old schoolfriend and his family today. They have two children identical ages to ours, and so it was a great opportunity to wander the British Museum. The children have suprisingly a lot in common, and Alan and I have a lot of catching up to do with our old friends. So we've adjourned our meeting to tonight - in about half an hour in fact - to the Texas Embassy in Trafalgar Square - a very familiar old haunt of ours from a time way back when. I am looking forward to it very much ..


drkknits said...

what a great experience you are having, making new memories and revisiting the old! so great for the kids too. love the sheep, very creative!

Donna said...

It all sounds so fab! I picked up Europe brochures at the travel agent yesterday for some daydreaming. I blame you!

Jussi said...

have a great evening!!!

thanks for the comment - we are so going to Rhinebeck.

se3s2a said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

NessaKnits said...

Is good. Is Twiggy.