Friday, February 4, 2011

A glove, a sock and one amazing dress

My son went to high school this week. I feel acutely that his childhood days are over, and that his adolescent days lie before him in one big hot sticky pimply self-conscious mess. It's a kind of sadness and excitement mixed emotion for me, and I don't like it one bit.

Meanwhile, my chronic and debilitating insomnia is back with a vengeance. It's not the heat either, we have an air-conditioned house. It's something else, a personal thing.

So today I'm taking some me time - I've packed my towel, my hat, my sunglasses and my dog and I'm going to lie on the beach for a few hours. I'll pretend I'm single and childless until the 3 o clock school pickup.

I will show you one thing though before I go - I was admiring some interior design blogs yesterday and I came across this photograph of a hot NYC interior decorating duo.

Well that's all very nice, I hear you say, and the apartment pictures are mouthwatering but I was struck dumb by something else.

Look at that goddamn beautiful dress.

It has been made using the same motif as the rowan carnival shawl as featured in the 2005 Rowan Classic Holiday, and possibly copied by jojoland (assuming the rowan is the original, I suspect variations on this swirl motif have been around for a lot longer) for their melody gradient yarn. I've wanted to make it ever since I saw it. I even have the pattern. And I've always wanted to knit a dress. And I'm not above the process of crochet, so it is very appealing.

The question is, do I have the fortitude to have a crack?

(oh, and I've knit one glove and one sock in January. I have second sock and second glove syndrome)


drkknits said...

you definitely have the fortitude. you are the queen of knitting things just because you can. would it help if i dared you? it is gorgeous. as are the glove/s. but you will need to do the second one....

Rose Red said...

I will also dare you, if you need me too! It's a great dress. I would love to make a knitted or crocheted dress. If I can find one that I can also wear without looking too lumpy.

Hope you have a good beach day!

1funkyknitwit said...

Oh Ailsa... I too LOVE this pattern and have had that wrap in my faves for.. ever ! I find it totally interesting and like you just sit and ponder...ahhah

Go on have a go ;) ...and YES that dress is fabulous :D

I can't believe your son is in high school, big leap, I totally understand your feelings on this :) my turn is still a few years of thank goodness.

Have a lovely day at the beach :-) ...till 3pm heheh

Leeanne said...

I hear you about your feelings about your son starting school. I have one in yr 10 & yr 11. Then to make me feel really useful Mr10 says I can walk to school and home on my own now. Awesome the part of the day I actually enjoyed and he doesnt need me anymore. So I had a sad pity party on Friday and I sat on the lounge watching tv all day.
So all I have to say is Cheer up and just know they still need to for some things.

Bells said...

if anyone does you do!

All the best to L with high school. what a hellish time of life!

From one insomniac to another, I hear you. My own phases sometimes last weeks.

Ruby Girl said...

You can do it easily. It really looks beautiful.