Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inspiring Colour Combinations

newsfeed for knitabulous : I'm plugging away at a top in beautiful but slow 4ply which should be finished next week, I've been doing a lot of dyeing and have a lot of dyeing to do in March for the final FiftyFifty swansong, I'm working fulltime for a few weeks, having my gallbladder out in April and we'll more than likely be auctioning our house in April too.

But I do like to find time to be inspired, even if it's difficult to find time to blog about it.

You all read design*sponge, don't you? After all, literally millions of people do. Blink and you'll miss the thick and fast posts.

Early this week, I swooned over this image of the 'magma fireplace' by the UK company Flying Cavalries. I think there is nothing so unique, quirky and original as the modern eccentric English design. They have this completely original spark of creativity - in this item it's the graduation of colours that really captured my heart.

And so, armed with a mental image and a few measly dollars, I raided the embroidery floss at my lys. A crochet hook, a little improvisation and a few hours later, I had the makings of a pretty cardigan clasp or headband.

The silent concentration required to knit (or crochet in this case) is such a meditative balm when all around seems so chaotic. There are so many things I cannot control, but I can always create. I really like that.


Sheralynn said...

That little flower is SUPER stunning. I love it, and especially how it is made of embroidery floss. So many love hearts.

Rose Red said...

Nice work! You got the colours almost perfect!

I find it difficult to extrapolate inspiration like that. I guess that's why I don't read design sponge. That, and I really don't need yet another website thingy to add to my already huge list of daily reads!

Anonymous said...

I did not know about Desigb*Sponge. Thanks for letting me know. What great use of inspiration. Are you too busy to come up this Friday? We also have Gordon Gnitters.

P.S. The word verification is sercasm.

missfee said...

I love your interpretation of the colour bowl - now I wonder how it would look going the other way - from light to dark
craft as a meditation is what has kept me sane for quite a while now...

M-H said...

I moved two weeks after I had my GB out. It's survivable, but only just. Don't be too hard on yourself - it will take you time to recover from the surgery. Try and avoid doing too much - you'll be told not to do any lifting, for instance.

And I love the flower.

DrK said...

I love seeing where you get your inspiration from, and how you transform what you see into beautiful things. Thank god for quiet craft time, its my own last link to sanity too. Thinking of you these next few weeks xx

1funkyknitwit said...

Ohhh those colours speak to me ;D

Fab flower !

Mary said...

wow that is very special. Thankyou also for helping my sleepy brain see the link between colours in diff mediums,


The frame looks amazing, a great use of colour and nice inspiration. lisa

Kubra Agar said...

Hello to all of these nice comments..
I am very proud of this sweet handmade design piece as being one of the designer of Flying Cavalries Design Company

Kubra Agar
Director of Flying Cavalries