Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The cutest thing evah

The Wollmeise Downunder Group on ravelry is great. Discussion about wollmeise colours, availability and whatnot led to a consensus that wouldn't it be fun to see lots of wollmeise colours without buying a full skein of each. This led to 'how about we just do that' and with that the idea for this swap was born.

I must admit, even though I do have an electric skeiner, I didn't do any of the work for this swap. All the work was done by Evelyn, who has a very glam blog here.

Seven skeins were split into seven mini-skeins - one from each of seven of the colour families listed on the site. Instant sock blanket kit, or stripey something, or fair isle. The possibilities are endless.

Evelyn even took the time to label each of these tiny skeins too - and collectively they look so cute!

The iphone pictures are pretty rubbish, but if you want to read more about this inspired swap, here's the thread link. I can't wait for them to do it again!


drkknits said...

it is a great idea, and just too cute. a great way to try out some colours you werent sure of, and there are some good ones there. im curious to see how the variegated one turns out!

Evelyn Jackson said...

Thanks for the mention :) They were fun to make and oh so cute! Ev

LynS said...

I'm in awe of some people's energy and creativity! What are you going to make from yours?