Sunday, July 31, 2011

Five ducks

I had lunch before snb yesterday with the girls and ridiculously five out of six of us ordered exactly the same lunch. Guess which one?

While we were there, Zena and RoseRed played in a ladylike fashion with my new ladylike finished project, the Vivien Leigh Gloves.

They've taken such a long time to finish because I put them down in March with only the fingers on one hand to do, and didn't get back to them until last week.

Beautifully written pattern, with glorious little finishing details that elevate it from just knitting to a handmade treasure. For example, the edges of the button slits are incorporated icord, and the ribbon spaces are marvellously symmetrical. Clever.

Project Specifications:

PATTERN: Vivien Leigh Gloves by Miriam Felton
RAV PROJECT ID: Vivien Leigh Gloves
SIZE: Small
YARN: La Drougerie Alpaga bought in Paris last October

They're so dainty, and remarkably similar in colour to the Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light. So identical that I used the Berocco for the button loops, and even I can't tell the difference.

So now that my hands are super warn, I think spring is on it's way. It's certainly looked like it this week when I've been out on my runs. The year round lifeguards have come out of the tower.


drkknits said...

its been a glorious couple of days hasnt it? im sure we will get another cold snap and you will get to wear the gloves and cardi together. they look gorgeous. and the duck was divine. want more duck.

1funkyknitwit said...

What a great day to be out, sadly I was fixing computer problems..grr.
Having seen one glove of those pretty gloves I know how divine they are - so you Ailsa ! I'm sure winter is not over yet, so you will get a chance to wear them.
They're beautiful.

Rose Red said...

They really are beautiful gloves! I have no patience for knitting fingers, else i might be tempted to replicate them!

LynS said...

Knitting gloves seems just a step too far for me, so I'm very envious of these. Such a rich colour.

Ann said...

Love those gloves. I have not knitted gloves before as I don't think I can manage those little fingers.