Monday, August 22, 2011

Did I mention we're moving?

Those of you who I know in real life (which is most of you) are probably aware that we finally sold our house.

We were going to go north to Austinmer or Thirroul. Or even into North Wollongong to an apartment.

But when it came to the crunch I just didn't want to leave my postcode, mainly because Louis is at school at the bottom of the road and Blair will start high school in Wollongong the year after next. I lived in the northern suburbs of Wollongong when I went to high school and I was mercilessly teased for my prissy uniform, as I walked to and from the bus stop at stupid-o-clock, by the local kids who had been home, changed and were already at the beach.

So I convinced my husband to hang on just a few years more, until they finish high school. And so, we bought something close by.

The interesting thing is that it's a wreck of a joint. ONE toilet (I've got four here), ONE bathroom (I'm used to three), ONE living area (there's five in this house). Termite damage. Needs underpinning. The back balcony is structurally unsound and unsafe. The kitchen looks like something from I dream of Jeannie.

But the aspect is gorgeous. It looks pretty from the street. The block is big. And, as I've said many times in the past, my dad's a builder. So we're going to embark on a massive renovation project. And I'm excited about it - even though it's a daunting job. I may document this adventure elsewhere on the net, if I do I'll let you know.

And who knows, when it's finally done, and the kids finish high school, we might take up residence in Surry Hills. I'd certainly like to.

I only saw dawn from the porch that one time.

No more knitting by the pool!

I'm sad to say that I've hosted my last dinner party here, but happy to say that I'll host plenty more in the new place too.

Here's what the new view is going to look like from the (yet to be built) deck and kitchen:

And here is a taste of what's inside!

But the good thing - the sunsets will look the same ...


jp said...

The kitchen is unbelievable.

I am sure we had drawers like that in a bathroom of a old fibro house my parents rented before we moved into the newly purchased house when I was mid-way through high school.

Rose Red said...

Oooh, will there be an I Dream of Jeannie housewarming party?!
Moving house is sad but also exciting. Good chance to get rid of stuff you don't really need or use and start afresh. And renos are challenging but also exciting.

Jussi said...

you are always at the head of the pack with the new trends! renovating is all the rage here.

And so lucky to have a tame builder! we still haven't done anything except cosmetics to our place despite being here 4.5 yrs, because we dont know where to start!

The aspect is divine, next time I pop over I'll come down to your for a night to sit on your new deck and drink xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of the family builder connection. I am boring people senseless with our builder dramas.

Would love to see the renovation blogged by you - maybe you can give people tips on how to avoid the dramas that plague our house...

Jan said...

Those sunsets are sheer beauty. Unlike the kitchen although it's certainly got lots of room to move in. You'd probably fit 3-4 of my size kitchen in there.

Hope the move goes well.

Ann said...

It's exciting to move to a new home. We have stayed in our current house for 10 years & it's the longest time that we have spent in 1 house. We used to move every 3-5 years.

Anonymous said...

its going to be great. painful and horrendous and stressful, but also great. your renos will be awesome, and i love your new street. so many trees! and definitely time for a chance of scene! so much to look forward to.

Leeanne said...

Wow this is a big change in your lives. It will be stressful and tiresome but I think you'll enjoy it. Plus side is the kitchen there now is triple the size of my dinky kitchen.

1funkyknitwit said...

Wonderful news that you've found a house and made all those decisions of where-how-when :) These decisions are often hard to make especially with a family to consider so it must be a great relief to you all.

The new house may not be the palace your accustomed to but knowing you Ailsa you will make it fit for a queen in no time ! ..without a doubt I say that ;)

Love the photo of you knitting by the pool - love it ! :D