Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waving , not drowning.

We moved, and survived. Took us a while to get plugged back in, but everything seems to be back in order now, albeit a little squashed. The blog irony is of course that when your life is chocablock with stuff going on the blog is silent, whose got the time?

I feel like I'm taking part in some kind of experimental 70's project. The house is relatively featureless, except the doozy original fixtures such as:

Some very charming Jetson style light fittings

Epilepsy inducing bathroom tiles

Retro kitchen appliances

The saving grace is however, the aspect

And the massive backyard -

the block is just on 1000sqm, and backs straight onto the reserve. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there is no fence at the moment, so we're playing host to picnickers, dog-walkers, dads and kids kicking the footy - even the postie comes through on his motorbike.

Planning has begun on the scope of the renovation, and meetings with the architect are imminent. One of the features is a large combined dye studio/laundry/bathroom, which I'm looking forward to. I've sadly neglected knitabulous yarn while the other house was on the market, so it'll be great to get back into the swing of the dyepots again.

But today I took some time out and spent it with some friends in the beautiful South Coast Dairy country. Glenora Weaving had their annual open day today, and Kylie, Catherine and I went along to the hot news is that apparently the owners are moving from the farm into the township of Gerringong. I'm so glad I went to see where they are now before the move, it's beautiful!

Did I buy anything? I did! I bought six cobs of linen yarn in a nice mix of retro muted colours, to do that missoni style throw I've been banging on about. It was one of those purchases that I just can't wait to start, I'm actually physically holding myself back and forcing myself to finish this tablecloth before I get started. But my eye, it keeps wandering over to those little cones, so enticing!

I'm running again, the spring weather has finally arrived, Melbourne Cup is around the corner and in two weekends time I'm taking more time out and spending it with some wonderful people at Sewjourn in Lancefield! Yay aeroplane ride! Yay swanky lunch!

It's been a tough year in a lot of ways, but I'm waving, not drowning.


Rose Red said...

Glad you are in the new place and enjoying your retro surroundings! How funny not to have a fence!

I hope you will be able to find the time to blog the renovations! I love that stuff!

DrK said...

such a lovely day yesterday, i cant wait to see how the linen turns out. and im very excited to see how your fantastic plans for the house turn out. the view itself is worth it.

Julie said...

Congratulations, you survived a move. My sympathies. It always stinks.

Wow, that bathroom tile. That's something, isn't it?

missfee said...

Great tiles - love the tiles
and the retro oven(is it?)
I cant wait to see the photos of the linen, damn should of gone but really dont need any more yarn.

wow lucky (all of those) going to eat knit and have fun, that is just super exciting!!!!!

Ann said...

Wow - love the back yard & the view!

Jan said...

Glad move is over for you. I think I would have trouble facing those bathroom tiles first thing in the morning. Particularly if they were coupled with a lightshade as pictured. Could cope with kitchen better. That brand used to be a reasonable quality for a stove but haven't heard of it for very many years.

Love the outlook.

kgirl said...

i LOVE those bathroom tiles!!

the new digs look lovely, especially that back yard, but yes...I'd be getting a fence!

Leeanne said...

Gee Wizz those tiles are a spin out. Dont think I could share my back yard with strangers. Glad your settling in well. Cant wait to see what your knitting...

catdownunder said...

Prowling in to find out who you are - thankyou for coming to visit me on my blog! I sympathise with the actual moving but the view is delicious and well worth the hassle!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Your new place looks totally amazing, what a gorgeous view and garden! I would have to think about those epilepsy inducing tiles also....just shut your eyes ;-)

1funkyknitwit said...

Made me laugh with your lack of fencing and all it's goings on :D I have absolutely no doubt how fabulous knitabulous will make this house look, I'll be looking forward to seeing the progress :)

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