Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's not easy

settling in to a much smaller home. I've come to realise that I have long taken for granted the space I used to have for storage of crafty things, linen and clothes, paperwork and toys, and for working, for taking time out, for entertaining. I'm really dreading Christmas and a hot summer ahead - times which I have always loved, and I'm having two or three major meltdowns a week - frustrated with the slow progress of the renovation project. It's not the best around new chez knitabulous that's for sure.

I've even more or less stopped knitting. I can't seem to find anywhere well lit enough and private enough to do it. The knitting books, yarn and even my needles are still in the garage - if I can't do it on my knitpro dpn set or the one needle I have in a small basket in the living room, I can't seem to be bothered with it at all.

I've started so many little things since we moved here, but finished nothing - and I'm a finisher, I like to get things done and put away.

I can't even find the battery chargers for the cameras, so my photographs have been limited to dodgy iphone pics.

2012 can't come soon enough for me.

There are some glimmers of light though (thankfully):

The plans for the extension came back yesterday, and I'm working on the Development Application over the weekend with a view to submitting it to Council on Monday.

We're going to install half a kitchen on the only wall that's going to be in situ after the renovation - induction cooktop, underbench oven, lots of workspace. It'll look a bit weird against the 70's atrocity that's there now, but at least I'll be able to cook again.

And school holidays start soon, we're going to camp at Mystery Bay for a few weeks over Christmas - I feel so cramped in this tiny house that a week under the stars is going to be a complete luxury to me.

AND MY HAIRDRESSER WHO WENT ON TV AND THEN DISAPPEARED FOR YEARS IS BACK IN THE GONG! This could well be the best thing that's happened to me all year..

And the sun keeps on shining, even with all the rain we've had - here's a few little pics I took with my phone when I was out on a run the other night around sunset. It was beautiful out there ...


Anonymous said...

The chaos of moving and renovating is such a downer, isn't it? I feel like it sucks the creative juices right out of my body.

As a veteran mover, I prescribe Nuvem for you. You need to find a skein of Wollmeise lace (I can actually also probably help you with that), and I'll send you a couple of pairs of 3.50mm needles. It is all stockingette, and the kind of thing that can actually be knit without concentration.

Rose Red said...

I second Ingrid's prescription of relatively mindless knits. And would just like to mention that hexipuffs also use 3.5mm needles....

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, great suggestion ingrid. I think you need to be doing something or you will go mad. and wollmeise lace, perfect. i wish I could do more to help, but lunch out would be good soon yes? And what lovely people your kids are growing into. you should be proud of that.

LynS said...

It will get better, it will get better...Make sure in planning your renovation that you plan and create a place - even if it's small - with all you need for knitting - good light, comfortable chair, some privacy, lots and lots of storage. Good for your sanity.

Jan said...

Sorry to hear you have the blahs. Moving is well known for that reaction. Renovations can do it too, so when you have the two combined... Something small, easily finished may be good.

Hope you feel better soon and camping is great, did it for years in both bush and at beach.

lynnie003 said...

Moving & renovating are the pits, but it will be wonderful when the house is everything you want it to be, just make sure you have storage, storage,storage,and more storage, coming from a larger house to a smaller one for my retirement, I know what you mean Nuvem and wollmeise lace sounds like the perfect solution to unwind

Ann said...

Settling down after a move usually takes a while. I do understand your frustration as I have moved 12 times. It will be all good soon.