Friday, December 16, 2011


Apparently, owls are hipster.

Blair, a hispter of the future if ever I saw one, tried 'owling' in a tree.

She went to the book week parade dressed as one. (made in an hour from a hoodie, foam felt and a glue gun - see here for tutorial)

Even I have been making them as christmas ornaments with leftover sock yarn. They're kind of cute.

(pattern from zoomy yummy - food and photography! a GREAT blog)

And it's gardenia time again. My total favourite.


Anonymous said...

Love the owl costume, and adore, adore, adore the gardenias. The scent of them is amazing.

Anonymous said...

she has hipster written all over her that girl. and can she get any taller? gees. what is it with owls, they really are very cute. especially when made from wollmeise.