Friday, December 23, 2011

What switched on the Christmas Spirit.

I wasn't feeling very Christmassy this year. I was sad - I love Christmas usually but this year I haven't been able to muster the energy to get into it. There's a tree, there's some presents under it, there's some lights out the front, but apart from that I've been feeling a bit blah about the whole thing.

That was until the Office Secret Santa.

Highlights of the morning: Biggest guy in the office sits on santa's knee - santa says 'fuck me dead' - bad santa. A gift voucher to a pretty and quiet young thing elicited 'Cool. I'll probably buy cigarettes with that'. All that and a bbq chicken shop lunch and I was all set to get festive.

We decorated the Gingerbread House.

And I sat down and watched Love Actually on the telly. A big favourite of mine. I cry every time.

The cliched Christmas trifecta worked a treat for me. Bring it, bad santa!

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Anonymous said...

nothing like an office xmas party to get the juices flowing. are you sure you dont actually work in The Office?! love the gingerbread house, great idea. enjoy xx