Saturday, March 31, 2012


I managed to find the energy to finish a wrap I started way back in November on our weekend away to Sewjourn. I was a little iffy about the colours, particularly the dark green, but now looking at the photograph it seems that it doesn't look so drab after all.

olana shawl

The yarn is some zara leftover from the kingscott cardigan last year and the madeline tosh club 80-10-10 worsted in Treetops, a mostly dark forest green with shots of black and teal throughout. Green. My least favourite colour.

The pattern is a hybrid of a few shawl patterns cobbled together. The centre is a simple enough garter stitch triangle, I used the instructions from the Olana Shawl pattern. The increase method used at each end of this shawl give a very good looking edge for pickup later on - it's a technique I think a lot of garter square based shawls could benefit from.

I finished the centre triangle months ago, but I seemed to have an incorrect stitch count every time I tried to continue with the next step of the pattern. It was probably me though.

So I ended up picking up the edges and working a super simple ruffle style edging from the Mara Shawl pattern. It only took me a few days to do the edging, but I later found another full skein of the treetops, so I could have made a deeper ruffle.

mara hybrid

I'm all coulda woulda shoulda with knitting right now.

On the renovation front, the Development Application went to Council on Thursday - the whole thing is now at the mercy of some beauracrats. Wollongong City Council is so different since the fallout from the ICAC investigation, there's no-one left to sleep with or slip a designer handbag to in order to get your DA passed. Such a shame!

Today, dad and Alan pulled out the other side of the kitchen.

That's right, no sink. They promise me they can rectify that tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful.

kitchen sink side

There's been some exciting deliveries..

deliveries 2

And guess what, see this one? Has a 'boyfriend'. I'm not ready for this part..



Ann said...

The colors look good together & I like the ruffle edging.

Alrischa said...

Oh no! Not the "B" word. My Miss is three, and I'm already dreading that part a bit :S

The wrap looks great, even if you don't love the green yourself. The ruffle is perfect.

Rose Red said...

I had a "boyfriend" when I was about Blair's age. I think we might have held hands once or twice and that's about it! Heh heh.

Figers crossed for a new sink tomorrow!

Charmaine said...

Totally love the colors of your yarn for the shawl, it makes me think of peacock colors.
I'm crocheting little shabby chic pink cell phone covers with white flowers on for my kids new Tracfone LG800G smart phones so they don't scratch their touch screens as they cost me $50 ea. I'm only paying $6/month for 40 minutes of talk time for each kid, a bargain.
I loved your aprons and super decor ideas on your earlier blog, would love to see more in the future.