Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have plans!

Because we want to obtain both development approval and a building certificate at the same time, we have obtained some additional engineer's drawings for the building works. These are fun to look at!

(although these aren't them)

Architect says several weeks till approval is granted (I was thinking several months, so was majorly excited when he said the word 'weeks' to me on the phone) - and so I'm in the midst of estimating and sourcing the boring things - roof trusses and timber framework, roof tiles, sarking, boring!

What I'd love to be 'estimating and sourcing' (another euphemism for 'shopping', I'm full of them because sometimes 'shopping' is a dirty word around the Finance Director but I've discovered that he's easily confused by alternative phrases) is furniture and lighting, glazing and flooring.

But my current obsession is with hand-made ceramics.

I'm hoping to install a very deep floating timber shelf in the kitchen somewhere and stack it with handmade ceramic flatware. Functional, tactile and beautiful.

And speaking of sourcing and estimating ...

If you like quirky homewares and interior design pieces - particularly if you don't live near anything remotely hip - You must subscribe to

here's there blog.

They're one of those invitation only sales websites that has deals on homewares and furniture. Yes it's another one of those 'daily deal' things. Yes they email you. But it's a million times more interesting than catch of the day.

For example, you could be the proud owner of some of these wonderful things:

 A yellow apron.

Or an indigo Ikat Apron.

Or a marble topped coffee table.

Or some beautiful new white cotton bedlinen.

Or something like this for your bedroom wall.

I'm loving Temple and Webster right now..

(Hey, btw, I'm over 6 kilos lighter on the 12WBT. I'm a total convert to the Church of Michelle Bridges! Cook, eat, exercise. Cook, eat, exercise.With that and all the 'sourcing' - that's about all I've got time to do these days.)

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Victoria said...

Thanks for the mention - I'm so glad you're enjoying Temple & Webster. Best of luck with all your projects, and enjoy the decorating. Here's to a beautiful home! Victoria from T&W