Friday, June 22, 2012

Go the Cro

I've been liking the crochet lately.

I think crochet gets a bad rap because so much of it is ghastly. But it doesn't have to be!

crochet circles

I must admit that the inspiration for this came from ravelry via pinterest.

Working well though don't you think?

crochet squares

I'm really pleased so far ..

Another thing I'm really pleased with is the super clean eating I've been doing - so much creative energy going into new 'designs' for things to eat! I recently made up a dish I call Eat Your Yellows - a warm roasted quinoa based vegetable salad. It's so good, and afterwards you feel as virtuous as a nun.

eat your yellows

eat your yellows

Super simple - jumble together cherry tomatoes, some yellow vegetables (make sure to include some of the hearts of celery including the lovely soft leaves) and smash a few cloves of peeled garlic, add some torn basil leaves, sprinkle with garam masala, curry powder, cumin seeds and salt - roast on a high heat until nice and brown and caramelised. Then toss with a bit of crumble feta.

While this is roasting, cook some red quinoa in a stock cube and water. Stock cube optional.



Rose Red said...

I am on huge crochet kick at the moment. Love this pattern in the Noro.

I've never cooked quinoa but that salad looks great.

Jan said...

LOve the look of the salad. My kind of food. I have baby beets in fridge so would add that too.

Ann said...

Love those circles as they look great. I don't think crochet looks ghastly.

Sadie said...

like any craft, there are some truly hideous examples and some really beautiful examples. Here's to your example giving crochet a good name :)

love the Noro wheels, there are beautiful

Thomas-Scott Aquilina said...
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Thomas-Scott Aquilina said...

There must be a bug going around, I just completed a small pile of crochet doll clothes.

Your healthy diet and jogging must be doing you soo well.

Leeanne Aquilina