Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Set in Concrete

The Situation ... FIXED!

See all that new structural timber?

garage floor
My dad single handedly replaced all the joists and sured it all up, the ant man came and approved it all, and now, even as I type, they're pouring concrete in the garage.
garage floor
The floor is being raised because it's going to be our walk in wardrobe, ensuite and main bathroom. All those pipes coming out of the ground are for the vanities, toilets and showers. After the concrete dries we'll put some walls and doorways in, do the tiling and install the bathroom fixtures.

I can not wait to soak in my new bath, I'm hoping that little indulgence might be my birthday present to myself.
I really am going to have to make the tile decision soon. Maybe even today. Eek.  

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Ness said...

Holy cow! That was fast!