Thursday, August 23, 2012

In sooth I know not why I am so sad ....

chaleur 3 

You have to look pensive in finished knitting object poses don't you? Otherwise you might look like you're having FUN, and some patterns are way too serious for that. Even in silver jeans.
2012 08 23_3891_edited-1

This was a serious pattern to knit. The herringbone stitch takes a bit of getting used to, but once established, totally worth it. Hawkeyed readers may notice that I don't appear to have fully gotten the hang of the herringbone stitch pattern until somewhere near the underarms. I noticed this myself, but let me tell you that by then I wouldn't have frogged and re-knit from the underarms even if I were being held at gunpoint.

chaleur 5

I'm on the fence about it actually. It's soft, it's cozy, it's FUNNEL NECKED for god's sake .. But the thing is though, it is HUGE, and I am very short. I could easily wear it as a dress.

I knitted the smallest size, and I went down a needle size, but I should have started the sleeves a good 15cm before I did. I probably should have done something about this when I had the niggles of 'man this is taking a long time' during the process - but I wanted oversized, and oversized I certainly got!

I think, at some stage, I will cut it short and do a turnover hem on the bottom. I think that the icord sleeve edges and the lovely rollover funnel neck deserve to be teamed with a similar bottom edging. I'm surpised it wasn't part of the pattern to be honest.

chaleur 1

But not today. Today I wear it in snuggly comfort, drink coffee, read moody books and slope around looking appropriately pensive.

Pattern:                                           Chaleur by Julie Hoover 
Size Made:                                     Smallest
My Ravelry Project Page:             Chaleur
Yarn:                                                Cascade Eco Cloud 10 skeins
Needle:                                            2 sets of 4mm circulars
Modifications:                                 None (yet). But it's very long for me, so I think I'll cut it off and add a turnover hem around waist height. I also might re-do the neck hem and make it more invisible like it's supposed to be. Having said that, it's just gorgeous the way it is, so if I never get to it I'll be okay with that too.


missfee said...

looks great - but you are right you dont look happy - do you like it?

Ailsa said...

I am but it's very big. Although I got fonder and fonder of it as the day got colder and colder today ...

Katriona Robertson said...

It looks really good - maybe if you did wear it as a dress and put brightly coloured leggings on underneath? With boots, you'll look very European...

Love the silver jeans ;)

Anonymous said...

You look moody and mysterious, not sad. I love it. I might have a burst of activity on mine this weekend.

DrK said...

this is the bind with the oversized item isnt it? they seem tempting but then you end up feeling like youre wearing a tent. i think this looks fine as is, i like the idea of wearing it as a dress with boots. and who knew silver jeans were even a thing?!

Ann said...

Looks good with your silver jeans. I am sure it feels so comfortable & warm.

kgirl said...

it's awesome! loving the not-even-at-gunpoint perspective on frogging back, too.

and totally get the "pensive" photoshoot - mandatory, IMHO ;)

Jan said...


I think you may need to change your email password as I suspect you've been hacked. I just received an unsolicited email from you, with no subject line, and from what I could see, it was pure advertising for a phone.. Supposedly. Who knows what else it may have concealed?

NessaKnits said...

Looks fabulous and you do pensive well!