Friday, August 31, 2012

the lazy perfectionist (me, not the dyer)

I've been waiting to give this yarn the attention it truly deserves. I didn't want to rush a post about it, because I wanted to take the perfect photos, write the perfect prose and give this yarn it's proper adulation.

But because there's never time enough, it's been sitting here in my basket and I've been saluting it every time I walk past with an armful of washing, on my way out to the gym, work, school run or grocery shopping.

This morning, even though I still don't have enough time to do it justice, I'm going to just get it out there.

I saw this colour bridge yarn on pinterest and pinned it to my knits page.From time to time, I visited the etsy store and had a drool. Then a few weeks ago, as often happens with knitters - I got that urge to knit something RIGHT NOW.. The pattern was more or less unavailable. I emailed and begged. The designer was very understanding, being a knitter herself, and she emailed it to me.

I thought about colour. Loving the magenta to botanical green colour bridge - I bought it.

Then I pondered about the background colour. I messaged Erica, the dyer. What ensued was one of the most outstanding customer service experiences I have had ever. She was full of enthusiasm and understanding, so much so that she seemed to get what I was talking about when I was worried about 'is the perfect colour too perfect?' and whether an unexpected background colour might be better than a co-ordinating one. We talked - she sent pdf's on colour theory and fair isle design.
She slotted me in a dye time slot for the following week if I needed it.We came to a decision not to decide straight away, but to swatch and experiment. I ordered a few more gradated sets.

And what came in the mail less than a week later (from Seattle), I just can't use it, but can't wait to use it at the same time. It is breathtaking. A glossy fingering weight new zealand wool, it's soft but not too soft, and when I saw it I got excited about yarn again - just like when I first started.

 She even sent a little 'extra' in the tones we thought might be right for the background colour. What kind of excellence in customer service is that?
 It just made me want to move to Seattle, and buy the entire catalogue of colorshift yarn.



Rose Red said...

It is all so gorgeous. I don't blame you for (almost) not wanting to knit it!

Anonymous said...

You know, if you needed someone to relieve you of that yarn, I could be that person....

kgirl said...

too, too lovely :)

all of it.

Ness said...

Oh WOW!!! I can't even imagine how amazing this project is going to be!

NessaKnits said...

Want. I see a chevron stitch with all those colours!

Ann said...

Amazing colors! I visited the etsy shop & I love all the colors.