Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flat as a tack

I'm feeling rather flat about my knitting this morning.

I've finished the back of the Kelmscott Cardigan, but am now lamenting my yarn choice of Heirloom Alpaca (this is the second yarn choice). But I've already finished the left front AND the back. The definition in the lace pattern isn't as good as I'd like. The alpaca yarn gets up my nose and sheds like mad.

I didn't mention this, but I wanted to put this in the Easter Show. If I were to frog it now (remember, NO abandoning projects in 2010 for me) - I don't know if I have time to finish it before the due date of 15 March. Not to mention I have a strong niggly feeling that the only really appropriate yarns for this is are the recommended yarn from Sunday Knits, or one of the Sublime Yarns (goodbye $200).

Oh what to do. What to do. What to do.

There's nothing else for it. I think I'll have to go to discuss it with friends over lunch and snb. They'll know what to do.


sue said...

I hope you find an appropriate solution. You can always put the alpaca to use in a project for later on in 2010, that way your not abandoning it at all! I cant knit at all with alpaca, makes me sneeze and my eyes water badly.

bellsknits said...

the idea of no abandonment of projects is scary!

Ann said...

What a shame. I hope you can find a solution soon - if yarn & pattern are not working together, that can be a valid reason for frogging. Good luck!

Rose Red said...

So...what did you decide? I really liked the look of it from the photos you posted before, so for mine (if it's not too late) I hope you keep it...but only if you'll be happy enough to wear it!!

Leeanne said...

Didnt really get to talk to you on Saturday, just wanted to say that I really like your nice short hair. Must be soo much cooler and easier to care for.
Hope your holidays (xmas & NY) were good.