Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fortunately, unfortunately

Unfortunately, this week I have had to make a herculean effort to try and not become one of the species I most detest; the chronic whinger, as a series of little disappointmens brought about by no-one but myself almost threatened to mount into full blown meltdown.

Fortunately, I do recognise that when this happens - it's usually best to stay away from blog posting.

Now, where was I? Oh I know .. Kelmscott ..

As it turns out, the decision regarding the kelmscott cardigan was resolved twice. At snb on Saturday, after much helpful advice, it was suggested to go down a needle size, and start again. On Saturday night I had concluded that's what I was going to do.

Then on Sunday night, as I was looking through my knitting needles, trying to find the smaller ones (where are they, by the way?) I was still unsure about the itchiness, and the sneezing, and the shedding. Something wasn't right, and if something's not right from the start - I know it won't get finished. Especially something as large and slow and tricky as this cardigan.

I peered and peered at the pattern photos, finally concluding that the important elements of the recommended yarn were drape and sheen. Drape and sheen. Drape and sheen.

And then it struck me.

Lang Silk Dream. Almost the embodiment of The Drape and The Sheen.

So I started again, on smaller needles, in Silk Dream. I'm very pleased with the fabric so far, although it is a little hard work starting over again, I'm hoping this will pass as the rhythm sets in. It wasn't going to be short road either way.

So cross fingers, third time lucky!

The only problem now is that I don't have enough to finish it.

And, as part of the series of little disappointments, through no-one's fault but my own, I missed the Easter Show entry deadline. Which is kind of good, but opens up the temptation to just put it to one side, and come back to it tomorrow. But tomorrown never comes, does it?

On a brighter note - I have fun news about knitabulous yarns' new venture - we're going to have a stall at the Celebration of Wool Day at the Old Bus Depot markets in Canberra on 16th May. Can't wait to start planning and working on that!


DrK said...

i think your instincts were right about the yarn and the gauge. it will be beautiful and was worth the switch. however, i am appalled to hear about the show entries. what the?!

bellsknits said...

sometimes, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Hope the drama and disappointments vanish. I tend to keep away from the blog when I feel inclined to whinging. I bore myself when I start whinging.

travellersyarn said...

That's the reason why my blog has been silent. Id the first week back at school always a pain in the neck? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...

knitabulous said...

Oh here here bells. I bore myself too! One should always blog with self control ..

Ann said...

It's great that you are re-knitting Kelmscott & with silk, it will look fabulous. I love the drape & sheen of silk & currently knitting a shawl with silk & camel.