Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our glam brunch

I love poached eggs - and since I learned how to do them in plastic wrap from masterchef I make them much more often.

My favourite vegetables are actually fruits. Seeds on the inside.

One of my other favourites - polenta - is available pre-cooked in fat loaves. Perfect for pan frying in a splash of fruity olive oil.

Add the obligatory dairy fat, a few grinds of the pepper grinder - there you have it. Now time to read the paper and look at some design blogs.

(Total prep time - ten minutes max.)


DrK said...

i could live on poached eggs. this looks better than the one with asparagus too! and i assumed there was no KITGO due to rain, so i went to the gym instead :)

Bells said...

fabulous! This is my perfect brunch too, or variations on that theme. I have tried the gladwrap method but find getting them out difficult. Must try again. Perhaps I should have relented and watched Masterchef after all.

artificiallymythic said...

Wow. I think I need to make some tomorrow... that looks amazing!

The Scarlet Tree said...

looks really yummy, I ussually d them in the pot with a splash of white vinegar and u make a whirlpool. I think I am going to make that tomorrow!!!!

Jodi said...

Unfair! Don't tease me with the promise of easy poached eggs somehow magically involving plastic wrap and then not tell me how to do it myself! A how-to post or a link will be pounced on with gusto - much like the ensuing poached egg. I really do love them. So much more elegant than scrambled or boiled somehow. :)