Friday, January 29, 2010

What do you think about this?

So I'm in my pj's, drinking coffee and tooling around ravelry looking at cardigan patterns.

And my clicks take me to the enormous resource, DROPS design.

And then I spill an ENTIRE cup of coffee on my new keyboard, old desk and self. Excuse me a minute while I clean this up.

Be back in a minute..

Right (now 20 mins later) ..

Of course you all know this, but DROPS design have a HUGE archive of really great free knitting patterns.

They have an interesing philosophy regarding copyright too - this taken from the site (bold for emphasis by me).

DROPS pattern database

This is for all of you with knitting as a hobby and for you who run a yarn store.
Either way, the DROPS pattern database is at your free disposal.
As a store you are welcome to use the DROPS pattern database to promote the sale of your assortment. Print out any pattern you may want, make as many copies as desired. The only thing we ask is that you don't make any changes / additions to the original printed document ... and that the patterns according to the DROPS philosophy are given out to the consumers for free.

We currently offer 4125 free patterns translated to english.

So - if you're a yarn store you may print them off, give them out and use them in the promotion and to increase sales of you 'assortment' (I presume this means 'yarn').

DROPS design philosophy seems to see the yarn as the product, and the pattern is merely the vehicle. I can only imagine how far down the food chain they see their designers.

But they sure do have their finger on the pulse. Of the Vogue Knitting Pattern shop at least.

What do you think?


Rose Red said...

Or the Vogue designers have their finger on the Drops pulse? I don't know which came first!

I've never knit a Drops pattern, but I've read numerous times on Rav that they are not the clearest or best written patterns (which of course could be both a cultural and a translation issue).

Tell you what though, I'd rather buy yarn from Drops than from KnitPicks (and not just because of the free patterns).

sue said...

I love looking at all the Drops patterns too and have printed a few out but have never knit any so far. You will have to let us know how you go with it.

knitabulous said...

Yeah - you're right RoseRed, which did come first - it is a very good point.

I knit a baby cardigan from drops recently - I thought the pattern superb. Concise and to the point. Very Germanic in style; good design, no bullshit.

I haven't had any experience with the other pattens but I'm hearing you on the translation and cultural differences.

And I too would buy from Drops rather than Knitpicks (whom I mostly detest) and not just because Knitpicks won't sell to me either..

bellsknits said...

Oh i hated my one encounter with DROPS patterns. Loathed it. Had to copy, paste into word, break it up into useable chunks, gave up.

Should I try again?

DrK said...

i am always amazed at how much stuff drops have on offer but like bells, i havent found the patterns all that well set out. but im not paying for it, and im a bit literal that way. i also tend to think that someone at vogue is busy trawling the drops database, given their notorious attitude towards designers. either way, there is some nice stuff there. and then there is some stuff that is just downright weird. a fair isle turtle neck cable dress? really?

artificiallymythic said...

Maybe I should have a look again...

2paw said...

I think you are lucky not to have made your computer go zap or have burnt yourself!! I hadn't noticed the similarities but I'm not Vogued up. I haven't knitted anything wither, though I have a few in my queue - I had heard bad reports as well....

Katewillknit said...

I love the Drops patterns, and the way that they are written - to me, they're clear and concise (but maybe that's the engineer in me).

I've used a couple, and would use more - but sometimes it's so hard to choose, because there are so many.

I have noticed that there are some patterns that are awfully similar to others I have seen. I haven't used those patterns.

Judith Tetley said...

OMG....those patterns want me to "get serious" and learn how to knit properly. Thanks for sharing.
Kind Regards
p.s. loved your posts about not letting 2010 slip through your fingers...I'm feeling that way too...guess an honest diary entry each day to account for where time went; may confront the issue. Good luck!

M-H said...

I love them; I've used several. I'm not terribly fussy about how patterns are written, and I find them perfectly clear, although not well laid out (eg paragraphing, headings etc). But then, neither is the Mountain View Cardigan, and I paid for that! I take to my copy with the highlighter and pencil, and I've never had any real trouble following them.

They have some good kids patterns too. Just sayin'...

Karen said...

Love the 3rd Drops pattern from the top! Could you save me the torture of searching all the others and tell me the number on that one? Please!!
And for those of you that like to remove all the extra stuff on the pattern try using
It works great when you want to print something and there is a lot of extra stuff around it.