Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two thirty

Heaps of stuff going on - family, knitting, work, friends, kids, husband, house - all too much for one koala to bear really. And I have to have a root canal. Maybe even this afternoon.

I was in need of a knitting project of the instant gratification variety.

And boy, did I get it.

Herbivore Scarf - Stephen West

A bright colour, a quirky shape, and twisted rib come together in this fun and quick knit. It only took me three or four nights to knit this piece in very loose gauge and I can see it on high rotation this winter.

Veyla Mitts - Ysolda Teague

These are also a completely indulgent knit - I did the first one in two nights and the second one in a single sitting.

But, with only metres to go, I ran out of yarn. I finished it off in a different colour - I could go back and make the other one the same, but I'm hoping the bountiful RoseRed can come to the rescue of this mitt.

I've also started (and finished) the first clue of the Evenstar Shawl - a Lord of the Rings themed knitalong hosted by Susan Pandorf. I'll leave the details of that to another day though..

How's your knitting going?


Rose Red said...

My knitting would be going a lot better if I'd just get off the internet!! (not that it's anyone's fault but my own!)

Thanks for reminding me about the yarn - I'd clean forgotten! I've wound it off for you and will post tomorrow!! The mitts are just lovely, and I'm finding Herbivore very tempting myself...I found some lovely green yarn that would be perfect for it when I was scouting out the Oyster Blush...

2paw said...

Oh a green top and an almost green scarf- that green model will need to watch out.
Hope your tooth is not feeling too bad, or feeling at all really.
Lovely scarf and beautiful mittens, very olde worlde!!!

Bells said...

oh that's what you wanted to extra colinette for! Nice way to use some jitterbug.*applause*

LynS said...

That herbivore looks good enough to eat! Very tempting.

DrK said...

crapola about the tooth! i am surprised to see you have time for knitting at all at the moment! the mitts are loverly.

Ann said...

The little shawl looks great & the colors are gorgeous. Love the mittens too. I like these quick & lovely projects.

artificiallymythic said...

I love your herbivore! The colours are fantastic! And Veyla is on my list too, I hope RR is able to help.

I'm having to wait for my silk to wend it's way from Melbourne here, it was only forwarded on this afternoon, so I am very envious of your Evenstar being on the needles. How does it look?

soknitpicky said...

Sorry about the tooth :-(

On the other hand, the projects are fabulous!