Sunday, January 1, 2012

And so are the days of our lives

We're off camping down the coast for a week or so of relaxation. But before I go I'll share a few montages of 2011 to bid farewell to one of the most tumultuous years I've ever had.
The second half of 2011 trailed off miserably for me in more ways than knitting, but looking back there were more finished items than I would have thought in 2011. There were less cardigans, no shawls at all, more socks. Less purple, more yellow. More grey. Not enough red.
2011 the knits second half

1. tablecloth, 2. african flower crochet, 3. zpagetti cushion, 4. marlene, 5. ornamentowl, 6. vivien leigh gloves

Probably my favourite knit of all year is my manu. I call it supermanu - because I wore it all the time last winter. Love it.

I like to take some time at the beginning of each year to plan the knits for the year. I never end up sticking to the plan hardly at all (hello Morrigan! been in the plan for about four years now - and they've DISCONTINUED the calmer. Luckily I stocked up years ago for it.)

And so, I declare 2012 the year of knitting the difficult knits from my ravelry queue..

Even though I often swear that I'll never knit another triangular shawl - when you've had enough of something you've had enough of it, I also swear never say never! Damask has been on my wishlist since it was released. I even started it this year with some seasilk I bought from destash - but the colour was wrong. I think this may be calling out for some wollmeise, don't you?

Damask, by Kitman Figuera - image from the source. Speaking of Wollmeise - you MUST click here to see Kitman's beautiful photograph of her Wollmeise stash.

Bohus Forest Darkness - image from the incredible project made by the yarniad - the whole thing on 2mm needles, which I've mentioned before. I just can't stop thinking about this jumper. Even though it won't suit me, and I would never wear a jumper like it, I want to make one very badly. Maybe 2012 will be the year for it.

Chaleur, by Julie Hoover. Image from the Ravelry Pattern Page found at the link. Now it doesn't look difficult, but ask anyone who's attempted a Henry scarf or anything else in herringbone - that easy pattern is deceptively difficult to keep track of. When I mentioned this knit to my knitter buddies, Kris said "That is the most Ailsa thing. If I saw that in a shop I'd call you and tell you about it." Now, how often does someone say that to you? I definitely want to knit this top for winter 2012.

Morrigan. Gets a guernsey every year. Rowan tragically discontinued the Calmer, so luckily I stocked up a few years ago to make this jumper. I really want to knit this jumper. Every time I get the pattern out, the number, scale and sheer complexity of the charts put me off starting it. I know that once I got going it'd be ok, but taking the first step is the biggest obstacle!

Hollywood Herringbone Pullover by Kate Gagnan Osborn in Knitscene 2009. I don't have the pattern, and was excited when Kylie gave me the best of Knitscene book for my birthday, but alas, although it's featured as a story, the pattern isn't in there. The bonus of knitting this top is that it's a double whammy - not only do I want to knit the jumper, I want to try the Fibre Company Organic it's made from as well. 

That's a pretty tall wishlist order isn't it? But I prefer high goals to low ones. I'm an all or nothing kind of person I suppose.

On that note, happy New Year to you all! I look forward to blogging more in 2012 about the house renovation, food, exercise as well as knitting - a big change from my deliberate stick to the knitting policy! I hope you don't mind ...

Be back in late Jan ...


Donna said...

I love the Hollywood Herringbone, and I'm 99% sure I have that Knitscene. And that Bohus is the top of my dream list. It's been here a while. Maybe we should do a knitalong later in the year!

Anonymous said...

Your FO's are stunning. As always, I stand in awe of your knitting.

Here's to 2012, and your goals - I'm sure they'll be as remarkable as all your projects. :)

Anonymous said...

Well my Morrigan's been on the needles for exactly 4 years as of today... maybe 2012 is the year I'll finish it! Happy new year! xx Meg (daysfull)

Sadie said...

that crocheted circular cushion of yours is still one of my favourites to date - I just love the tonal shades and the construction!

and I say do it, to the 2mm Bohus!! Think of it as a project, not a finished object, if you're concerned about not wearing it?

Ann said...

Happy New Year. You have done very well in 2011 & your plans for 2012 looks great. I also make a list every year.

Faeryfay said...

I love your plans for 2012! Very tricky knits! I also love the manu cardi!:-)

Rose Red said...

Beautiful knitting as always. Whenever I see Marlenes I am reminded of how much I want to knit them...maybe 2012 is the year of Marlene for me! I love that you want to do your. Challenging knits, I really hope you get Morrigan in the sticks.

And I love renovation blog posts!

DrK said...

You made some really beautiful things in 2011. Seeing your commitment to the marlenes, I hope you take up one of your challenges too. And I think you should make more things you like to wear too, because manu is so lovely on you.

Zena said...

Such beautiful knitting, as always! Your Manu is particularly lovely and looks fabulous on you too, a double winner!

Your planned knits for 2012 may be challenging, but if anyone can do them all its you. Can't wait to see what you cast on first.